"Our customers trust our highly technical and knowledgeable staff to manage their IT operations proactively. By leveraging LAN Solutions,
our customers can focus more on strategic and business critical tasks -- all at a lower overall cost."
Victor S. Kellan, President and - CEO LAN Solutions

Need a Helping Hand?

Balancing your business needs with the day-to-day IT challenges can be tough. LAN Solutions (LSI) is here to help. Since 1990 we have been providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Imagine a comprehensive suite of offerings that allow you to focus on your core business. Leverage LAN Solutions’ highly technical and knowledgeable staff to minimize your IT downtime and reduce costs. You can be assured that we will stay abreast of technology changes so you don’t have to.

Our services include:

- Remote Management
- Maintenance Programs
- Disaster Recovery Programs
- Professional Services

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